Stateside Skates

Stateside Skates is an award-winning, worldwide distributor of extreme sports products and one of the most influential forces in the action sports industry, with over 35 years of expertise.
We design, manufacture and distribute high-quality action sports products for our exclusive, industry-leading brands covering a network of sports. From roller skates to skateboards, scooters to protection and all the components and accessories in-between, we cater for a growing range of markets globally.

Leading Stateside Skates brands:

Enuff is a skateboard brand that’s fun and affordable, without compromising quality. Better boards mean less waste, which means we can not only do our bit to help the environment but we can pass on our experience and knowledge, via our products, to help others play their part and ride with confidence!

Frenzy brings you a great range of high-quality recreational scooters whether you are traveling to school, commuting to work, or just out having fun. All of the Frenzy Scooter models have unique folding systems for straightforward storage and carry straps for easy transportation.

Mindless boards and components are designed and sourced by the brand with complete control over every aspect. Every single layer of ply in each board is hand-picked, checked and finished before being individually pressed to make the great boards you see in magazines, on websites and cruising through the streets.

REKD creates distinctive, attractive products that provide optimum protection, support and comfort whilst giving the premium look and feel that modern riders demand.

SFR is a great quality and great value brand for all levels of skating, no matter what age you are. From quads and inline skates to ice skates and peripherals; there is something for everyone with SFR.

Slamm is a freestyle scooter brand that focuses on great componentry and bold graphics. Our products are designed and developed in-house to the highest standards, bringing the audience some of the most stunning scooters around at prices that are affordable.

Rio Roller is the original fashion quad skate brand with high-quality performance products. All of our skates are designed to be fun and stylish while containing high-quality specs to provide the best in comfort, support, and performance.

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